March 2019

Happy March! I have officially been home from tour and without a full-time job for 2 weeks, and it feels like I’m still settling into a routine… but I’m getting there. If I know anything about myself, I know that I tend to spiral if I don’t stay busy. So I’m keeping myself busy, I’m scheduling out every hour of my day, and being intentional with my work. It feels good to be implementing a work-from-home schedule right away, and I think it will be a good foundation if I get enough contract + photography work to maintain it.

A lot of my goals look similar to last month’s because I am still settling in, and I’m excited to make progress with them. I’m glad that I’ve been keeping myself to ten goals per month because I tend to overthink my capacities. I would like to think that I’ve gotten better at being realistic over the past year, and I’m trying to be kind to myself in terms of overworking - especially when I’m volunteering my time.

March Goals:

  1. Finish three Kinesics songs.

  2. Write one Saint Anatolia song.

  3. Finish reading one book.

  4. Journal every day, and include a money minute.

  5. Establish a photography client management system.

  6. Keep your room clean. Do a donation day… or two.

  7. Meditate or do yoga daily.

  8. Raise your income, or at least have a plan on how you’re going to raise your income. If you don’t do this, come to peace with the fact that you will need to start driving full-time with Lyft starting next month in order to afford getting married.

  9. Do a 31-Day Photo Challenge. Take a photo class during the process and implement what you learn.

  10. Do a three-day grocery cycle, and meal prep three days at a time. Get costs down to $40/trip. Do not eat out unless budgeted.

February Goals - Reflection:

  1. Write at least one song - per project. One for Kinesics (at least finish one of the half-written ones), and one for Saint Anatolia. Oh gosh, I didn’t even kind of do this.

  2. Update resume, and put it out to the universe that you’re open to freelance work. I started putting it out to the universe that I’m open to freelance + photography work, and I have booked 8 photoshoots - including a wedding and a maternity shoot! I’m excited to broaden my portfolio and push myself in this field.

  3. Work on communication and documentation. Start out by restarting newsletters that you’ve slacked on lately. I guess I didn’t do this either. I do plan to start up newsletters again this month. I’m working on it.

  4. Do a money minute every day. I didn’t do this every day, but I did it 12 days out of 28… and that’s not too bad. It’s more than I’ve looked at my money in the past, and I think I’m going to get better as I continue this habit.

  5. Journal every day. I did this every 3 days or so. Hoping to get better about it now that I’m not on the road anymore!

  6. Do yoga every day when home. Do stretches every days when on tour. I was honestly terrible about this on the road. I got better about doing yoga when I got home, and was getting up early pretty consistently until getting sick.

  7. Work on income sources after getting back from tour. I am working on booking more photography gigs. I was going to have a Lyft inspection but found out I need new breaks, so that’s on hold for now. I’ve put it out to people I work with frequently that I’m looking for something part-time.

  8. Keep your spaces clean. Nope. I kept my room clean for like two days. The common areas look a lot better now, though! So that’s something. We are in the process of deep cleaning our room, and unpacked our last two boxes last night… so that’s something at least.

  9. Practice mindfulness. Meditate daily, be reflective when journaling, try to multi-task less. Another thing I need to work on. I did meditate more last month than I ever have in the past. I think it’s something I need to be better about starting my day with doing.

  10. Get completely caught up on photo editing AND old emails that you’ve been putting off. Oh snap, I DID THIS ONE. I edited almost 20,000 photos from the past year and it feels so good to have that off my plate. I caught up on emails that I’ve been putting off for months. I’m feeling more on top of things and more responsible for my actions. I want to keep it up, and feel more comfortable as I’m working from home each day.

Here’s to another month of learning and growing!