February 2019

And it’s somehow already February 9th! I’m writing this from a hotel lobby in Santa Fe, NM. This is my last tour for now, and it’s been a blast. I’m grateful for the opportunity, the push to quit a job I didn’t love, and the group of people I’ve lived on a bus with since September.

I’ve been enjoying everything a little more lately. December was really fucking hard. I lost a family member, we had to move very suddenly and consequently, had to reschedule trips and time with family, Jason had a hard time with some things at work, and I had to adjust to not having a steady job - something that I always have a hard time doing. And then I had to leave. It was really hard to leave for that tour and not feel an immense amount of guilt. Things feel a little bit more stable now, and I’m trying to practice gratitude more. Journaling has helped immensely with reflection and planning, and I’m glad that Jason pushed us both to incorporate that as a resolution. It has been forcing us to revisit our goals for the year + each month so far, and that has been a game changer.

February Goals:

  1. Write at least one song - per project. One for Kinesics (at least finish one of the half-written ones), and one for Saint Anatolia. Write at least one song.

  2. Update resume, and put it out to the universe that you’re open to freelance work.

  3. Work on communication and documentation. Start out by restarting newsletters that you’ve slacked on lately.

  4. Do a money minute every day.

  5. Journal every day.

  6. Do yoga every day when home. Do stretches every days when on tour.

  7. Work on income sources after getting back from tour.

  8. Keep your spaces clean.

  9. Practice mindfulness. Meditate daily, be reflective when journaling, try to multi-task less.

  10. Get completely caught up on photo editing AND old emails that you’ve been putting off.

January Evaluation:

  1. Participate in a “no-spend” month. Obviously, this is complicated with me being on tour and needing to buy food on most days. What this means for me is not using our debit card - only cash I get through the tour buyouts/per diem to purchase things. I did really well with this - until I came back home. Once this tour is over, I’m going to reevaluate what this will look like in terms of allowance, etc. It will entail a larger discussion with Jason.

  2. Write at least one song. I did this! I wrote the first song for a new solo project called Saint Anatolia. The song is called “To Coexist” and I like it a lot.

  3. Participate in a “dry” month. This one will be especially challenging being on tour, but I think it will be extremely beneficial for the same reason. I didn’t drink for all of tour until the last night after our show. I’m going to not drink on this tour either, and set kind of stipulation upon return. Again, it will entail a larger discussion with Jason.

  4. Bring your camera with you everywhere. Post on Instagram at least once each day only using DSLR photos. I have been much better about doing this, and have only posted DSLR photos on Instagram since the beginning of the year. I’m pushing myself more and it’s been great.

  5. Unpack the house. Oof, we’re getting there. I will spend more time on this upon return from this tour. That’s a promise to myself.

  6. Get caught up on all photo editing and clear out old SD cards. Nope. I’m getting there. Dang.

  7. Journal every day that you can. I tried really hard with this, and did well. It’s becoming a bigger part of my daily routine and that feels important.

  8. Make your office somewhere you want to spend time. I didn’t do well with this during the week I was back, but am planning on putting more time with this upon returning. What I am proud of is the fact that the entire week I was back, I woke up between 6am - 7am every morning, drank coffee, and answered emails for a couple hours. It felt like I was treating freelancing like a real job, and that is incredibly important to me while I’m transitioning into that lifestyle.

  9. Take a guitar lesson with Jason. I did this - on accident! When I showed Jason the new song I had written, he had some ideas for how to structure the rhythm guitar. We spent an hour working on finger-picking styles and different chord voicings. I loved it and learned a lot.

  10. Make a “debt thermometer” to help track student loan progress. We went above and beyond for this one, although it was technically the first week of February. We actually made three thermometers - one for our wedding fund (so that we can cash flow the entire thing based on our budget), one for non-student loan debt (medical, car loans, etc.), and one for everything. It felt overwhelming but was also satisfying to revisit it and color a bit in! I’m excited to be able to see our progress in such a tangible way.

    So here we go - February. Things are getting better and I’m pushing myself a little harder. It feels like good things are coming for the first time in awhile.

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