January 2019

It’s somehow already January 21st as I’m typing this. I remember being told when I was younger that time moves faster the older you get, and I can’t believe how true it already feels. I feel like I’m strapped to the front of a moving train, but like, mostly in a good way.

Jason and I are trying something new this year - journaling. It’s our main “resolution” for the year, and then we can use the journals to set goals for the year and each month if we would like to do that. I’ve never been good about consistently journaling, and it really helps to have someone to help hold each other accountable. So far I’ve been pretty good at writing in it at least every other day, even while on tour, and I’m pretty proud of that.

I think what I’m going to try to do is incorporate my goals for the year into my goals for each month. It’ll make it a little more bite-sized and allow me to revisit my yearly resolutions at the begging of every single month.

Here are my goals for January:

  1. Participate in a “no-spend” month. Obviously, this is complicated with me being on tour and needing to buy food on most days. What this means for me is not using our debit card - only cash I get through the tour buyouts/per diem to purchase things.

  2. Write at least one song.

  3. Participate in a “dry” month. This one will be especially challenging being on tour, but I think it will be extremely beneficial for the same reason.

  4. Bring your camera with you everywhere. Post on Instagram at least once each day only using DSLR photos.

  5. Unpack the house.

  6. Get caught up on all photo editing and clear out old SD cards.

  7. Journal every day that you can.

  8. Make your office somewhere you want to spend time.

  9. Take a guitar lesson with Jason.

  10. Make a “debt thermometer” to help track student loan progress.

I think journaling is also helping me deal with stress and anxiety, as well as prove to myself that I’m growing. December was a really difficult month for a lot of reasons, and it kind of just feels like a big blur where I didn’t get things done. It helps clear my mind and I can write down the good things that happened (or at least positively frame things) so that I leave my day feeling a bit better. I think it’s also important that we said it’s okay to only write one sentence if that’s what you have in you. I think, most of the time, I’m going to write more if I set the goal of at least writing one sentence… but if that’s all I write, that’s okay too.

I even talked to my mom about it, and she said she’s been keeping a bullet journal for three years. I still love my planner and plan to keep it separate, but it’s something I might consider combining for next year. It’s worked for her this long and I think we both function very similarly in terms of how our brains process productivity and emotion.

Here are some articles I really liked about the benefits of journaling:
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