Kimchi and Senior Recitals

One thing I miss about doing photography in school is how much time you get to spend planning just one or two shots. A lot of the work I've been doing is taking as many photos as possible for portraits or production/concert photography, and then sorting through them in hopes that there's one that's simultaneously in focus and where everyone's eyes are open. So when Teresa & Amanda reached out to me with very specific, dramatic ideas for their senior recital promotional photos, I was beyond excited for the shoot.

They wanted to dress up in fancy clothing, hair, and makeup while doing everyday things - eating kimchi while watching TV, lifting weights, sitting by the pool, and more. We decided to just walk about my apartment complex to find locations where we could make that happen, which ended up being a really ideal setting for the shoot. I borrowed Teresa's husband's flash, diffuser, and color swatches so that we could could emphasize blue + pink drama lighting, and it worked really well with the ideas.

Their recital is happening on May 10th at the Washington Park Boat House, and I think it's going to be incredible. Let me know if you need any more information! Here are a couple of my favorite photos from the shoot: