Christmas in July... New Year's in August

Well, today is August 1st and a lot of things have happened since the last time I've posted a video blog. I've never really kept up with a traditional blog before, where I'm typing words about myself and not just posting cute videos of animals. 

New Year's Eve is a great holiday, but it's always been difficult for me to jump into traditional resolutions. I strongly believe in the ability to "restart" your day whenever you need to, and I think that transfers over very well to the entire year. In the spirit of having slightly more time now that summer classes are finally over, and with the fall semester starting soon, I feel a bit more motivated to get my shit together. Here goes! New Year's resolutions in August!

I definitely feel like it's hard for me to keep a balance between being business-minded and being creative, and between being creative for business-minded endeavors. Maybe that's why I haven't posted one of these videos since last November, but whatever the reason, I've started to really understand that I need some form of consistent creativity in order to, like, be a happy and functional person. Obviously music is an outlet, and something I do on a daily basis, but I'm also starting to see the importance of visual art in my life as well. It might just be the amount of hours in a day, to be honest, but it's probably time to prioritize that a little more.

  • Intentionally make time for creating, and deliberately try to make it for myself rather than for work or contracted jobs.

Managing money is really fucking hard, especially when you're in school the majority of your life and don't get paid very much at the job you love. I sat down with Jason yesterday and made a budget in order to maximize saving for a down payment on a house, and then immediately applied for a serving job. We're both lucky in the regard that we have great credit scores and could probably find a loan without a down payment, but regarding comfort level and future payments, we're just going to do our best. We celebrated the last day of UMS and ate sandwiches at Historians, which ended in a pinky swear that it was the last time we were eating out rather than packing food. Pinky swears are some serious shit, so it's on. We're going to do this and it's going to be hard, but so worth it. 

  • Find a serving job where I can have a semi-flexible schedule and work weekends. 
  • Find ways to save money more intentionally, and stick to a strict budget. 
  • Put all purchases on credit (to earn cash-back and airline miles) but make sure it remains paid off at the end of each pay period.

I'm a senior now, and that is really weird for me. Especially considering how many times I've switched my majors, contemplated dropping out of school, actually applied for jobs that would require me to drop out of school, etc. I think it really hit me when I said hi to my neighbor the other day and happened to mention this was (hopefully) my last year of college, and the look on his face became the visual for about how I felt at that moment. I will be graduating in May of 2017 with a degree in Music Business, and while I don't know how much of a difference that piece of paper will make in my search for a job (and then eight more jobs because music is hard), I have learned a whole giant lot and I have met so many people that I'm incredibly thankful to know. The fall semester will be my last time taking 18 credits, and I'm actually incredibly grateful (for once) that none of my classes are online. I also pushed myself a little out of comfort zone and I'm taking a 4000-level communications class about social media which I think will be massively valuable and impactful in terms of future careers and personal projects.

  • Keep your shit together during the semester. Set aside designated time (probably on Fridays) to work on homework, and don't put off everything until the last minute. Only some of the things.
  • Don't be passive in classes. Make friends and meet professors. It's important.

Most recently out of components in this list, I'm in a band now. And it's been really fun to go all out with the business and marketing while also maintaining creative control and working with someone I really love. I think I just want to keep going all out, to write more specifically with this project in mind, and to take my time (because I don't have time to not do that) with recording and distribution. It's been nothing but rewarding so far, and I'm really happy to have a solid foundation built in terms of legal/financial whatevers so that we can dive headfirst into recording and creating more things.

  • Record an album and do it well.
  • Maintain consistent branding and marketing. Implement skills learned in social media and publishing classes, and make them apply to the band.
  • Keep writing and practice consistently.

I could probably keep pulling goals out of my ass for days, but I'll wrap it up with a goal for this blog. I'm going to try and post at least once a month -- with my monthly video blog -- and potentially more frequently when I'm traveling or pinteresting things really hard. I'm excited to document this way, and I think it will be a good companion (and motivation) for my monthly videos. Until next time!